i-BLOCK promotional video with English subtitles and dubbing by 잉크쟁이tv / 15-02-02 14:50:58 
i-BLOCK promotional video with English subtitles and dubbing
Reporter : Have you ever experienced running out of ink just when you are about to print out an important document? Today I will introduce you to a sensational company who brought the evolutionary technology, that allows unlimited supply of ink possible, to the next level with reasonable price.

CEO : We are specialized in CISMS (Continuous Ink Supply Management System). Past 15 years, we have been working on manufacturing products that are more user friendly in terms of safety, based on the experience we have renting printers and related products to our clients. We have been focusing on developing products that will reduce our in-person services for our rental clients. The need for reducing travels and to give faster and timely services, triggered us to develop more efficient and safe products.

Reporter : Yes, I also have been using CISS(Continuous Ink Supply System) printer and it's really convenient, but I must admit, it takes a lot of work to maintain.

CEO : First, the generic CISS user have to know exactly when she/he has to refill the ink. If you forget to refill on time, air gets into the printer head which causes the head to go out of order.

Second, the oxidized ink will eventually increase the viscosity of the color by blocking the nozzles in micro level.

Third, if you place the lower level ink supplier higher than the printer and its related products, the colors will get mixed.

Voice actor : How did they enhance the product so that it has significantly less flaws? This product notify the users when to refill the ink with led light and sound alarm. And There’s two cartridges for one color. So the first one goes empty, then the second one provide the ink. That means printer still can make output while delivering ink.This is the I-BLOCK’s patent.

CEO : We do not use air, so oxidization is impossible. We designed the product so that placing the ink storage above the printer is not possible.

Voice actor : These products allow the users to simply insert the cartridges making it much easier to replace them like OEM cartridge. We improved the product preventing leakage of ink and we also designed 2-stage ink container structure, so it's a lot more convenient to use.

Yoon : Our products are easy to move around. We invented the patent technology that placed the ink supplier under the hardware, that allows easy movement of the product and at the same time, prevent the colors from mixing.

Reporter : Normally refiled ink is considered as inferior in quality, but these products are different.

Yoon : We used our extensive experience in rental business compiling customer feedbacks over the years and developed the most compatible ink for our products. We developed and customized special pigment ink for iblock. That allows our customers to be able to use it in a high humidity and preserve it for longer period.

Voice actor : You can preserve the integrity of the color for a long time and extend the life of printer with iBlock!

Reporter : You also have Printer rental business on top of the state of the art ink business?

Yoon : Yes, we rent the global brand company, H printers on a reasonable price with free maintenance services and unlimited supply of ink.

Reporter : I heard you do special customer service maintenance. What is it?

Yoon : We have about 320 branch offices all over South Korea allowing rapid response to customer service calls and installment of products. So far the CISS was only available online and delivered by mail, but now we can offer in-person deliveries and services with iBock CISMS.

Voice actor : There is a reason why competitors pay attention to this company other than the reason that they developed the high quality products.

Reporter : I heard you do charity work for the community also?

CEO : I believe in giving back to the community. Some time ago, I learned that my childhood friend's son was diagnosed with MS. I started to be interested in the disease and decided to help my friend in a small way. I started a banner campaign in my online cafe community. It is not big, but all the money we raise goes to help the patient and deliver rice to the homes who have disabled children.

CEO : Using internet communication, we have been sharing our knowledge and technology with other related businesses all over the country. We are planning to continuously develop new technologies and share with others. We are also thriving to extend our market to global level.

Voice actor : Lets make new tomorrows globally with this small but powerful company exporting the state of the art unlimited ink supply technology.

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i-BLOCK promotional video with English subtitles and dubbing...
i-BLOCK promotional video with English subtitles and dubbing

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